The SAFe DevOps certified training/workshop

Together we assess your current situation and build the roadmap to DevOps

The new SAFe DevOps Training, leading to the SAFe DevOps Certification, is not just a training session, it is also built as a workshop to assess the current DevOps pipeline, from the initial idea to running an operational application in a secure and resilient environment. DevOps has become integral part of SAFe in version 4.5. This training significantly strengthens this position and moves SAFe even further beyond a model of scaling agile to a model of IT transformation supporting the operational value streams.

The workshop is built around the SAFe DevOps Health Radar. The higher the maturity of the DevOps implementation the closer IT will be to achieving alignment to business strategy, short time to market and continuous creation of business value. In addition, we build together the value stream and identify delays and forms of waste requiring rework. We evaluate the current situation of the value stream and use the insights brought during the training to make sugegstions for improvement and build a prioritized backlog. The workshop takes two days and is a standard SAFe product leading to certification as well.

The biggest advantage of the workshop is that we build the roadmap together with all teams present, so that the roadmap is the result of a collaboration. The result is that the roadmap is not pushed, but instead is pulled in by the teams. This makes the change process lighter and in line with the new philosophy of pull rather than push.

We can organize this workshop at your premises, with all relevant stakeholders. Please contact us